Artists That Should Take a Break In 2016

Artists That Should Take a Break In 2016


Why did the musician need a rest? Because they were having treble staying sharp and were quite flat!
Awful, awful jokes aside a lot of our favourite musos have been recording, touring and interviewing incessantly for several years and if they don’t take some time out for themselves, well, we all remember Britney’s hairstyle circa 2007.

Here are a few artists we believe should take it easy in 2016.


One Direction
They’ve already announced that they’ll be taking a well deserved break next year and it couldn’t (maybe should‘ve) come sooner for the lads. Unfortunately we’re already one Zayn down but in order to preserve Larry Stylinson forever as the boys are ready to run, they’re taking a break so that one way or another, they can act their age, live while they’re young and create some irresistible midnight memories.
Ed Sheeran
In a few long years Sheerzo has released two albums, played countless shows in countless countries, written top tunes for top artists in addition to those he released himself, has engaged in shenanigans with Hamish & Andy and continued being an all round nice guy.  While all this stuff is great for us it can certainly take its toll on the entertainer.  Ed has declared that he’s taking a year-long hiatus from his phone and social media while he takes some time out for himself in preparation for his third album (See below).  Although we’re practically salivating (just me?) in anticipation of his next album ‘-‘ (minus – well it’s either that or divide right?) we think it’s essential that he gets some R&R (and maybe inspiration for some new lyrical content).
Taylor Swift
Along the same vein as good mate Sheerzo, Swizzle has been super-humanly pumping out the hits, albums and tours for the better half of a decade.  Although we secretly suspect she’s a Swiftbot™, we’d hate to be proven wrong by any form of malfunction and are hoping that perhaps she and Harrisbot™ can get away from all of the prying lenses and enjoy some time off.
Calvin Harris
See above.
Iggy Azalea
Perhaps for reasons that differ slightly than the aforementioned artists, Iggy Iggs should take some time away from the spotlight to reevaluate the direction her career is heading.  If she wants her second album ‘Digital Distortion’ to be more rap than crap, she needs to take a step back, take her time and create some meaningful, decent shit comparable to her ‘Work’ of old.
Come on Iggs, we’re rootin’ for ya down here!
Apparently he released an album this year and has one slated for next year.  Perhaps we escaped it largely due to the fact it was mostly in Spanish (hang in there Spanish speaking friends!) but we believe that due to his prior crimes against music (Um did you hear what he did to Daft Punk ft Pharrell’s Get Lucky?) he should perhaps look at taking a decent break for all of our sakes.


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