Interview: At Sunset

Interview: At Sunset


I‘m calling it early(ish):  At Sunset will be a household name by the end of this year, especially if you live within earshot of any teenage girl (or 28 year old woman) who now has a 1D sized void to fill.  The band consists of brothers Harrison and Andrew Kantarias along with Australian Idol alumnus Tom Jay Williams whom all hail from Adelaide.  They have just released their new single Kiss Me and are touring this single around Oz.  That’s right chaperone Dads – you thought you were in the clear when 1D announced their hiatus but this band are the new big thing and they’re bringing their show to a city near you! 

Harrison was a champ and told us about being mentored by Ed Sheeran, being spear-tackled by their fans (Sunsetters) and we also found out that they look for the same quality in girls as One Direction 😉

Here’s how it went down (not unlike the sun – like at sunset.  At Sunset.  Um. Yeah. Sorry, please keep reading)

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