First Impressions: Drake, Charli XCX, Florence + The Machine And More

First Impressions: Charli XCX, Drake, Florence + The Machine, Teyana Taylor, Years & Years and Kito


On Charli XCX – No Angel:

Kate Carnell: The backing to this song is super Fancy (and just quietly Iggy could probably use a feature on one of Charli’s tracks these days)! So Charli has gone from Number 1 Angel to No Angel in just over a year; but unlike RiRi before her, this good girl gone bad attitude is a little cringeworthy (even though Charli was never really a good girl – she’s been breaking the rules ever since that time she didn’t want to go to school). The track’s sound is heaps of fun and while there are brief examples of decent lyrics, it’s hard to take anyone seriously who uses cliché lines like, “Baby I’m bad to the bone”, “I party, get naughty” and “I’m bad news”. Like, do actual bad people refer to themselves this way? Do gang members go around telling people that they are “bad to the bone” and “bad news”? I sincerely doubt it. Good song but I’ll probably go back to thinking ‘bout boys. 3.5

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