5 Local Tunes You Must Listen to This Week

5 Local Tunes You Must Listen to This Week



Here are 5 tracks that have come straight from local garages and studios of Sydney to your ears.  These songs are so fresh and clean, that Outkast may begin to question whether somebody could, in fact, be as dope as them.


Only Boyfriend – Brendan Maclean

Released on Valentine’s Day but not explicitly about the holiday (would we call it a holiday? Celebration perhaps? I don’t know, don’t really care either) Maclean has introduced the song by tweeting:  “Because no one ever writes a decent Valentine’s Day song for queers.”  Well they have now Brendan!  With lyrics typical of Maclean, where you feel like you know exactly what he was thinking at the time, coupled with his euphonic voice – which is reminiscent of Daniel Johns at the high notes – he provided a great alternative to sitting through Fifty Shades Of Crap on a day that hates single people.   This tune is as catchy as hell and will have you singing it out loud in the car whether you’re “queer” or not.  Until you realise the person in the car next to you can hear you.



 If Lana Del Rey and Sia spawned an offspring and said offspring teamed up with The Preatures after listening to nothing but ALT-J for a solid month, in order to create music, (which I think is safe to say we have all secretly wished would happen) the result would presumably sound pretty close to this offering from AViVAA.  You can definitely hear their influences throughout the track and they come together nicely in this chilled out song.  Have a listen now and then check them out at the Oxford Art Factory on the 5th of March.

Left. – Lay With Me

This song + a cider + a few friends = a nice, relaxing afternoon.  Peep the film clip too and you’ll notice another local legend throughout.

YEEVS – Lazy


“Indie rock ‘n’ roll is what I want

It’s in my soul, it’s what I need”

The Killers perfectly articulate the answer when asking oneself, “What is it I am lacking?”   Before happening upon this gem from YEEVS, it seemed Sydney had gone completely electro, however this discovery proved that indie rock is still very much alive here.   If gritty guitar is what you’re craving, this is your hit.

Just Breathe – Beach


These guys describe their sound as ‘a mixture of rock, funk, punk and reggae vibes’ and their track ‘Beach’ definitely packs the rock but it also keeps you guessing with a very rootsy break in the middle.   The song features strong vocals by lead singer Nat, who with a little more experience, could be the next Izzy Manfredi.

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