First Impressions: Camila Cabello, Christine & The Queens, G Flip And More

First Impressions: Maribelle, Parrell + Camila Cabello, Jennifer Lopez feat. DJ Khaled & Cardi B, Christine & The Queens, G Flip and Clean Bandit feat. Demi Lovato




On Jennifer Lopez feat. DJ Khaled & Cardi B – Dinero:

Kate: Another one. Another generic DJ Khaled cut.  I mean maybe I’m just dirty on the fact that he expects to receive oral sex from his wife but refuses to return the favour because “it’s different rules for men” and “a woman should praise the man, the king”, and I can’t get past the misogyny in order to appreciate the song; or maybe it’s just a super generic track with weak lyrics and a beat that can’t carry it over the line.

And hasn’t J-Lo come a long way from the block where her love didn’t cost a thing?  Now money’s all she wants, evidently.

The only points I’m awarding this song are given solely to Cardi B and I’d love to ask her about working with douche turkey Khaled, as she seems like the kind of woman who wouldn’t put up with any bullshit bedroom inequality and even delivers the line, “I got the box that got the most flavour”, in this very song.  Don’t worry Khaled, I’m sure she scrubbed the house clean before her man sampled the flavour. 1.5

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