Interview: Ecca Vandal

Interview: Ecca Vandal


Nicki, we know you were asking your BFF Miley “What’s good?” but you needn’t have worried because your favourite online music site Wickedd Childd already has the answer!  It’s Ecca Vandal’s new single ‘Father Hu$$la’!  This chick is in a league of her own sonically and isn’t too keen on being pigeon holed or creatively restricted either.  She’s basically cooler than the other side of the pillow and unless I’m just overwhelmed by her genuine, down-to-earth, yet still rocker persona (I absolutely am); I’m pretty sure we totally just bonded over a love of K. Dot’s album, lame parents and the obsolescence of music genres.  Here is our chat and make sure you check out her music video straight after!  Hit me up Ecca if you ever want to come ‘round and watch some Foxtel.  Except for the movie channels because I’m not Oprah wealthy.

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