Interview: Nico Ghost

Interview: Nico Ghost


Nico Ghost: the man with the plan to change the face of Aussie hip-hop.  He gave us a call and we discussed his new video, an EP in the works, his ‘Top 5’ and being mistaken for one of the biggest celebrities in the world.

Kate:  Congrats on getting the video for Coolin’ out there, how has the reception been so far?

Nico Ghost:  Thank you, I think the reception has been pretty great so far.  It’s been going really well, everybody’s been showing a lot of love, which I’m thankful for.  It has taken a lot of time to make that video and getting it out there so it’s been really good.

K:  For anyone who hasn’t seen the video, can you explain what is happening in it?  It starts out quite sexy, and then it escalates quickly.

NG:  It’s sort of a story of dark love I guess, in a sense.  I still want to kind of keep the whole premise of the video kind of quiet right now, see what more people have to say but it’s a story of two lovers who are murderers as well and that’s what I’ll say for now.

K:  Was there any pressure on you regarding the lyrical content of the song i.e. the drug use; or did you feel completely free to express yourself?

NG:  Nah, there was no pressure, I felt completely free.  When I wrote that song it was just kind of how life was at that time.  So there was no lyrical pressure and I think that the fact that with the video we kind of kept drugs and all the stuff that’s in the song kind of out of the video in order to emphasise the fact that that’s not all that it’s about and you have to look deeper than the drug references and all that kind of stuff.

K:  You completed a month long residency at Laundry Bar in February, how did that go? Did it help with exposure?

NG:  Yeah that was really, really fun.  That was like back in February and I only started playing shows in December I think ‘Beyond The Valley’ was my first real show.  That Laundry Bar residency was a real good practice I guess to kind of build me up and it gave me a little bit of exposure as well.  A lot of people saw me there and offered more shows and more gigs and things just picked up.

K:  What can we expect from one of your shows?

NG:  If you come to one of my shows you can expect to dance because that’s what it’s about right now.  We just wanna get people moving and people smiling and people bouncing.  You can expect a lot of energy.

K:  How do you feel about the Aussie hip-hop scene? 

NG:  The Aussie hip-hop scene… That’s a bit of a tough question because myself, I don’t really listen to much Australian hip-hop/what people consider Australian hip-hop.  I think when people hear the term ‘Australian hip-hop’ either they’re gonna cringe or some people are going to be like, “Yeah that’s cool” but most people aren’t really feeling it and I’m trying to switch that right now.  I need to change what ‘Aussie hip-hop’ actually means I think.

K: Yay! Cause I’m one of the cringers!  Apart from Tkay Maidza…

NG: Yeah see Tkay is really cool, I really like Tkay and Gill Bates is cool but other than that I don’t really know what is going on with Aussie hip-hop.

K:  Do you have any plans to attack the US market?

NG:  They’re all one in the same.  I guess right now I’m focusing on dominating Australia but the US market is there, I don’t want to get lost in the sea of rappers in the US market so I’m going to build myself a name here and then I’ll venture over.  But I am definitely going to venture over because my style of music is very American influenced.  I never grew up listening to Australian hip hop or anything like that, only American stuff so that’s what I’m about I guess.

K:  Can you name your top 5?

NG:  Hard question but my top 5 are going to have to be, in no order, just top 5:

Kanye, Kid Cudi, Drake, Snoop Dogg and we’ll go Nelly in there as well.

K:  Now when you say Snoop Dogg…?

NG:  I’m talking about Snoop Dogg/’94/Doggystyle Snoop Dogg.  That’s exactly what I’m talking about.  That shaped me in a crazy way.  His flow is just insane.  And everyone tells me I look like Snoop Dogg.  I’ve had it like a thousand times now.  Like I’ll be walking through the airport and someone’s like “Snoop Dogg!!”

K:  Isn’t he like 7ft tall?

NG:  He’s not 7ft but he’s pretty damn tall.  He’s really tall and skinny.  I’m not that tall like him but I don’t know I guess it’s facial features.

K:  Do you have any new music in the pipeline/when can we expect more?

NG:  You can expect my EP coming very, very soon.  Like within two or three weeks.  And then I’m going to hit it and then I’m going to show you guys some new stuff.  Because this EP was finished ages ago and the next EP that I’m working on now is the one I’m really, really excited about.

K:  Well that’s about it for today, is there anything further that you’d like to add?

NG:  I just want to, I guess, say thanks to everyone for showing me love and stay posted because I have something very fresh coming to y’all very soon…

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