Sydney vs Rex Banner err Mike Baird

Sydney vs Rex Banner err Mike Baird



The lyrics to Beastie Boys’ indelible anthem ‘Fight For Your Right’ have never been so pertinent – well not since primary school anyway – but thanks to Mike Baird the overbearing, oppressive nanny no one wanted, 15,000 Sydney residents found themselves literally fighting for their right to party on Sunday.

In case you’ve just returned from a lovely weekend away in Melbourne or any other world-class city, within which you enjoyed a full night out and were perhaps too ‘tired’ to catch the news; the organisation ‘Keep Sydney Open’ headed by Tyson Koh organised a rally in protest of the introduced laws and restrictions that affect many licensed venues located within the government’s dodgy AF (and comically titled) ‘Entertainment Precinct’ with lockouts at 1:30am and last drinks at 3am.  This precinct conveniently left out Barangaroo – the development site for James Packer’s new casino and Pyrmont, the location of Sydney’s only currently operating casino; which earned Mike Baird the title and accompanying hash tag ‘Casino Mike’.  Not to mention that you can’t grab a bottle of vino from the bottle-o round the corner after 10pm or even a fucking kebab after midnight in certain areas.


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