Review: Sydney City Limits 2018

Review: Sydney City Limits 2018




Massive line-up.  Massive timetable clashes.  I guess one could argue that this is quite a nice conundrum to be faced with, but to them, I’d say: FOMO bro!  I myself am already suffering the effects thanks to snaps of Alex Lahey and Tash Sultana kicking so much arse that it burns worse than my pale skin did that day; AND I WAS AT THE BLOODY FESTIVAL.  Ironically, the only cure for FOMO burn is to actually inflict it on someone else, and to make sure that they get a way stronger dose.


With that said, I’d like to present to you a rundown of my day at the inaugural Sydney City Limits Festival and the amazing acts I did manage to witness.  Hey!  I’m feeling better already.

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