Wickedd Childd’s Best Tracks of 2015… So Far

Wickedd Childd – Best Tracks of 2015… So Far


Now that we’re around halfway through 2015, some members of team Wickedd Childd have selected their favourite tracks of the year so far.

Kate Carnell:

When first presented with the task of picking my favourite 3 songs for the year I thought it’d be a difficult task and yet, straight away, 2 songs popped straight into my head as standouts.  After finding out that several other candidates were technically released late 2014 much to my surprise and frustration as I had wished to share them as my jamz (I don’t say jamz), I eventually found my 3rd in ‘Pretty Girls’ by Britney and Iggy.  Just kidding, that song is rubbish and the film clip is worse.  But I digress.  Here is my (real) top 3 for 2015 so far:

1: The Blacker The Berry – Kendrick Lamar.

Is Tupac really dead or is he ghostwriting for K. Dot?  This lyrically astute song is a standout from Kendrick’s highly anticipated second album ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’.  The brutal honesty in documenting his internal conflict regarding his anger toward the Trayvon Martin shooting while also acknowledging that ‘black-on-black’ violence is just as critical an issue.

“So why did I weep when Trayvon Martin was in the street when gangbanging make me kill a ni***r blacker than me?  Hypocrite!”

–        Lamar, K 2015, ‘The Blacker The Berry’, on To Pimp A Butterfly (CD), Aftermath/Interscope Records, Santa Monica.



2: Counting Sheep – Safia

Safia have created such an aural delight with this track.  I remember hearing it for the first time on Triple J and then the next 4000 times on continuous repeat for a solid week.  It sounds as though the many elements, effects and cool sounding instruments (is that a woodblock??) have been intricately placed to deliver this kind of eerie, kind of ominous yet fucking awesome 2 minute 53 second masterpiece.



3: Stole The Show – Kygo ft Parson James

Pretty much Kygo’s entire catalogue (which isn’t outrageously extensive) has been thrashed by me this year.  I love singing to this one though – like really singing. I’m sure my friend Claire was laughing out of absolute astonishment at my immense talent when she heard me do the chorus.  I love this song also because it reminds me of the new friends I have made while being a new chump in the big city.  Funny how music can do all that eh?


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