Review: Trent-Jean – Manchester By The Sea

Review: Trent-Jean – Manchester By The Sea I think the next emoji they need to invent is just like the ‘heart-eyes’ emoji but one with heart-ears, because I would ‘heart-ears’ the shit out of Trent-Jean’s “debut” song ‘Manchester By The Sea’.  Look, I even went to the effort of creating one: n.b. I added the little music notes because the heart-ears alone just look like little … Continue reading Review: Trent-Jean – Manchester By The Sea

Review: Just A Number Gig

Review: Just A Number Gig 11.10.19 There’s not much that can come between a ‘Townie patron and their craft beer, but Just A Number managed to cause several delays for the outdoor drinkers as they tried to cross the D-floor to get to the bar.  Not because punters were in their way, but because they were distracted by what was happening on stage and literally stopped (to … Continue reading Review: Just A Number Gig

Interview: RÜFÜS DU SOL

Interview: RÜFÜS DU SOL   Unless you’ve had the j’s switched off all week and the algorithm that decides which ads you get to see was taking the piss this past weekend, you’re no doubt aware that Aussie indie-dance kings RÜFÜS DU SOL have just released their new album, ‘Solace’. I could give you my rambling version of how great the album is but why bother if … Continue reading Interview: RÜFÜS DU SOL

New Music: Swick

New Music: Swick Swick is back with a schmick new single called Decisions, which features the very-much-in-demand Kota Banks—who is obviously repaying him for his work on her mixtape ‘PRIZE’, released earlier this year. The tune is immediately recognisable as a product of Swick, with his signature bubbly, electro-pop sound behind Banks’ Charli XCX-style vocals and it is evident that these two are majorly in sync when it … Continue reading New Music: Swick

Interview: Kwame

Interview: Kwame   There’s an upheaval in the Australian hip-hop scene—a renaissance of passion and difference. Names like Genesis Owusu, Arno Faraji and, of course, Kwame, have been nailing it recently. The rapper is soon to be playing BIGSOUND, coming off his biggest year yet having just toured with Peking Duo and soon to be making an appearance at this weekend’s triple j One Night … Continue reading Interview: Kwame

Interview: The Chats

Interview: The Chats   Gearing up to show country what they’re worth at BIGSOUND—Australia’s biggest music conference—The Chats are teetering on breaking world domination. A national tour slot with Queens of the Stone Age looms on the horizon before launching into Europe. We flicked the three-piece some questions to find out about their BIGSOUND loves and prepping for QOTSA’s anguish. Continue reading… Continue reading Interview: The Chats

Gig Announcement: Wu-Tang Clan

Gig Announcement: Wu-Tang Clan Ready to feel old? Well Wu-Tang’s debut album ‘Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)’ is set to turn 25 this year. Yeah, so that means that it has almost lived longer than Tupac and Biggie did. In celebration of its anniversary, the entire original Clan (assumedly without Ol’ Dirty Bastard–unless there’s some sort of hologram set-up) will be making the trip down … Continue reading Gig Announcement: Wu-Tang Clan

New Music: Tia Gostelow

New Music: Tia Gostelow   Tia Gostelow—you no doubt caught her stripped back ‘Like A Version’ cover of Empire Of The Sun’s We Are The People for triple j last week but what Tia herself may not realise is that she isn’t the people. She’s actually in a league of her own and has been since she was 13 and winning people’s choice awards for busking at Tamworth Country … Continue reading New Music: Tia Gostelow

New Music: Childish Gambino

New Music: Childish Gambino – “Summertime Magic” and “Feels Like Summer” The only person on the planet that could even come close to rivalling Kung-Fu Kenny in the rap ring right now is Tai-Chi Childish (let me stress that no one is calling him that and I decided on this name over possible contenders Judo-Donald or TaekwonDonald). Luckily for us, Childish Gambino, né Donald Glover, … Continue reading New Music: Childish Gambino