Interview: Thundamentals

Interview: Thundamentals If you’ve turned on a radio in the last couple of months, you’d be well aware that Thundamentals are back in a big way!  Even though we still need to wait until Feb for their album Everyone We Know to drop, we have been gifted a new video for their track ‘Think About It’ to keep us quiet in the meantime. We were … Continue reading Interview: Thundamentals

Interview: Washington

Interview: Washington Megan Washington has just released her new track ‘Saint Lo’ as well as its accompanying film clip, which sparked a few questions that she graciously answered for us.  She told us about the concept behind ‘Saint Lo’, her writing process, getting naked in freezing cold water for the clip, overcoming fears and that she is loving her some Britney ATM.  Here’s what went … Continue reading Interview: Washington

The Most Influential Music Videos of 2015

Most Influential Music Videos Of 2015 A Look Into the Most Influential Music Videos of 2015. The question “are video clips still relevant?” has been fiercely debated of late but it’s evident that when artists and directors join forces and deliver clips that result in fervent discussion and viral sharing on the social media sites they are able to retain their importance and influence in … Continue reading The Most Influential Music Videos of 2015

5 Songs That Are So Bad, They’re Actually Good

5 Songs That Are So Bad, They’re Actually Good Songs that are so bad, they’re good.  You know the type; they’re the ‘Sharknado’ of the music variety.  Every so often songs come along that are absolute lyrical masterpieces with the ability to change the world.  These aren’t those.  Sometimes songs are created that are just plain awful.  These don’t quite fit into that category either.  We’re … Continue reading 5 Songs That Are So Bad, They’re Actually Good