New Music: Kelsy Karter

New Music: Kelsy Karter     Damn, the Sunshine State just keeps pushing out those musical gems! Our latest nugget of gold hailing from above comes in the form of Kelsy Karter and her new track ‘God Knows I’ve Tried’. Kelsy has a very unique voice but her style has been drawing some major Lana Del Rey comparisons, and TBH we’re here for them. ‘God Knows I’ve … Continue reading New Music: Kelsy Karter

Interview: Friends of Friends

Interview: Friends of Friends   Goldie band Friends of Friends have just dropped a video for their track ‘Human’ off their debut EP Memory Motel.  The EP (as well as the track ‘Human’) is chock full of feels and super strong, emotive lyrics, which they’ve managed to bottle and then release in their lounge-room — as you’ll see in their film clip.  I managed to catch up with … Continue reading Interview: Friends of Friends

Interview: Public Service Broadcasting

Interview: Public Service Broadcasting   Public Service Broadcasting — if you’re unfamiliar with their work, you’d be forgiven for thinking that they could be a sister television or radio station to either the ABC or perhaps SBS; but they’re actually a band from the UK who make good use of archived recordings by layering them atop a soundscape of their own creation.  It sounds strange … Continue reading Interview: Public Service Broadcasting

Interview: Clean Bandit

Interview: Clean Bandit     Clean Bandit are that British trio comprised of people your parents wish you were more like, as do your mates. The members Grace Chatto and brothers Jack and Luke Patterson are well-educated, well versed in classical music, speak multiple languages and can play more instruments than you can name; and yet they are also irritatingly cool AF. They’re behind those … Continue reading Interview: Clean Bandit

Interview: Grouplove

Interview: Grouplove   Everyone’s favourite festival staples, that we love like they’re Aussies – Grouplove – are both back and coming back!  How you say?  Are these people magical?  Well yes, they are but really they are back figuratively with their fresh new track, ‘Remember That Night’, and are coming back literally for a quick tour of our east coast as well as featuring at Mountain Sounds and Party … Continue reading Interview: Grouplove

Review: Yeo Track – 3 Dots (feat. Kira Puru)

Review: Yeo – 3 Dots (feat. Kira Puru)   Yeo has had a massive year and, it would seem, some late nights. He has been slowly drip-feeding tracks from his forthcoming album Desire Path, which reportedly came together in his ‘studio shed’ and is set to drop on August 18.  A few weeks ago, he released his collaboration with Kira Puru and is titled ‘Three Dots’. … Continue reading Review: Yeo Track – 3 Dots (feat. Kira Puru)